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Best Hair Extensions Care Tips

A lot of women wonder how or where they can get the best hair extensions care information. If you’re one of them, you’ve come to the right place, so look no further and wonder no more. With the right care, your hair extensions will stay shiny and smooth much longer than they’re expected to.

How to brush hair extensions

As a rule of thumb, make brushing and detangling your extensions part of your daily beauty routine. Use a looper brush designed specifically for extensions and wigs. Brush from the bottom, as you would your natural hair, and work your way to the top. Remember, also, to always brush before washing your hair, too.

How to wash hair extensions

Your extensions won’t get dirty quite as quickly as your natural hair normally would, but you still need to wash them often to keep them looking good and prevent smelling. Use a high-quality shampoo. To avoid tangling, apply water to your extensions bit by bit. Apply the shampoo from the top working your way downward. Lather gently, ensuring every bit of the extensions is fully covered. Rinse your extensions gently, and use a wide-toothed comb to smooth out any entanglements.

How to condition hair extensions

It is advisable to apply a high-quality leave-in conditioner daily after shampooing. You can either spray it directly onto the hair or apply it from the top down the same way you did the shampoo. Use your wide-toothed comb to detangle before leaving your hair to air dry naturally.

Do not apply too much extra product as this could cause your extensions to look dull and entangle easily. If you washed your hair at night, let it dry completely before sleeping and wrap it with a satin scarf to avoid drying and entanglement. Avoid applying conditioner on the root areas near the bonds as this will loosen them and cause them to fall off.

How to blow dry hair extensions

Although most hair and beauty experts advocate for natural drying, most people do not have the time or patience to wait. If you fall within this bracket, you may choose to use heat to dry the wet extensions. Be very gentle when you blow them dry as heat has been said to cause great damage to hair and extensions specifically.

A low heat setting is appropriate when drying your hair, starting with the bonds and surrounding hair then moving on to your natural hair. The low heat setting helps to reduce shredding and breakage as well as eliminating the possibility of your extensions getting sticky.

How to care for glue in hair extensions

To avoid your extensions breaking, shredding or falling out, you must be careful with your bonds. Be extra careful when blow drying, avoid pulling and tagging them. When styling, take care not to clamp your heated flat iron over them as this will damage them.

How to style hair extensions

To keep your extensions from creasing and tangling when sleeping or working out, you can tie them back in a ponytail. A high ponytail will help limit their contact with sweat when you work out.

Swimming with hair extensions

The salt and chlorine found in water will cause damage to your extensions so you should do everything you can to ensure they don’t come in contact with each other. You may have to wear swimming caps when you go swimming, unflattering as it may be.

What kind of hair extensions to choose?

When buying your extensions, find out whether they’re a synthetic or human hair. Synthetic hair comes with many limitations, such as not being able to withstand heat or shredding if combed too often. Human hair, on the other hand, comes with many options.

You can either comb or brush it, you can style it with heat, you can curl it or wear it straight, and you can even dye it if you want to. It goes without saying, however, that human hair extensions will obviously be costlier than synthetic hair extensions.

Maintaining hair extensions

Visit your stylist every 5-7 weeks to get some professional care for your extensions. You will get pro detangling, styling, cutting and refilling. You will also get some pro hair care tips, and you could even buy products from them. With this kind of care, your extensions could last as long as six months or more and still look fresh!

Weather damage and hair extensions

If your extension bonds come into contact with too much heat or direct sunlight, they could easily melt or get all sticky and messy. To avoid this, wear a large hat in the summer especially when you’re basking in the heat for long. A visit to your stylist to get your bonds refitted before say, a day basking on the beach, would be in order. Find out from your stylists that products to use on your extensions when you’re going to be in direct contact with the heat from the sun.

What kind of products to use with hair extensions?

Alcohol is quite often used as an ingredient to make hair care products. For extensions, however, refrain from using products that contain alcohol as it will dry your extensions out, matte them and make them tangle easily. If used in washing the extensions, products that contain alcohol could also weaken your bonds leading to shredding.

Can you wear hair extensions in a ponytail?

Not all extensions can be worn in a ponytail. However, all extensions come with instructions on whether they can or can’t be worn in a ponytail. Those that can’t be worn as such will fall apart if you do wear them that way, so read the instructions before buying.

Styling hair extensions

Use a looper brush to style your extensions. Do not use too much product, to avoid build-up. Remember to keep away from products with alcohol as an ingredient. Use heat and heat-styling appliances such flat irons, roller, blow dryers, etc., strictly on human hair extensions only.

Synthetic extensions cannot handle the heat. Whenever possible, use conditioning ionic ceramic heat styling tools. Use the lowest temperature level possible always. Always do a test curl to see how it looks before setting the rest of your hair. When dying, do not expect accurate results as all hair extensions usually go through a very rigorous chemical color process to get to their final product color.

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