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Thermal color changing hair dye

If unicorns existed, their manes would probably look just like the hair treated with this dye. It is enough to breathe some warm air onto the hair to change the color – not a shade or two, but completely. Who needs one hair color if you can have more than …

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5 tips for better hair

Needless to say, all of us have washed hair in our lives, right? Here’s a short list of things that you can do to change up your hair washing routine – or pat yourself on the back for already doing these steps, without any extra help. 1. Not making the …

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Good Dye Young hairdyes

If you’ve thought about dying your hair bright and neon, or you’ve always loved unusual haircolors, then the Good Dye Young semi-permanent hairdyes are just for you. These dyes are known for their intense and vibrant colors, great pricing and of course Once applied, some dyes tend to not stick …

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What is a silk press?

If you’ve got curly hair that are difficult to tame, then you’ve probably looked around for ways how to straighten your hair so it would last longer than it usually does. One of the best ways for this is to get a silk press, which is just the improved version …

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The best hair brushes and detanglers

Is your old hairbrush withered and you want to change it for a new one? Mine is, which is why i decided to put together a list of different brushes, that can detangle long hair, and also look cute while getting the job done. Let’s get started! The Neverland natural …

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 How to treat a sunburned scalp

When we think of summer, we think of hot weather, unless you live so far up in north, that it never really gets that warm. But what if it gets too warm, and you forget sunscreen for a day? Having an aching, sunburnt scalp can’t be nice. It might also …

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Colour changing hair dye

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have your hair dyed blue, but when they get exposed to warmth, they turn green? Back in the day such a thing wouldn’t be possible, but we’re happy to announce, that there’s a way to do it now! Here’s everything you want to know. What …

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Elumen hair dye

Ever wanted to dye your hair in a very bright and unique shade, that will not wash out within weeks? This is what Elumen hair dyes are made for – they’re semi-permanent hair colors that are oxidant-free, yet very high performance. Having your hair dyed with Elumen hair colours will …

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When’s the right time to cut hair?

If it comes to healthy hair, it’s clear that getting regular hair trimmings or cuts is the right way to go. But some of us tend to let the „trimming“ drag out long, having their hair cut every 1 or 2 years instead. But how long should you be without …

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Fixing doll hair

Mainly here on Hair-Bun we focus on human or synthetic hair, which are used by humans. But a while back we got an interesting email coming in, asking us if its possible to fix the synthetic hair on dolls or other toys, when the hair is in a bad condition, …

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Best tips and products for winter hair care

Not all of us live in a place that has warm weather all year around, right? That’s why we’ve decided to go over the best shampoos you should use to keep your hair healthy, strong and soft all troughout the colder seasons. Best shampoo for winter With extremely cold weather …

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Macadamian healing hair oil

Ever wondered if the Macadamia hair products are worth the buy? We purchased the Macadamian natural hair healing oil and tested it out for a month, just to write to you what it does and if it actually works or not. What is the Macadamia hair oil? The Macadamia hair …

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How to cure an itchy scalp

Have you gotten an itchy scalp a few days after you wash hair? It’s actually a very common thing to happen, although the amount of itching can vary from light to severe. What causes an itchy scalp? The causes behind this could be several reasons, from dryness of the scalp …

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Home made hair conditioners

Ever ran out of conditioner all of a sudden, and then wondered if there’s anything in your household to just temporarily replace a conditioner until you get a new one? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Here we’ll be looking trough a few good home-made hair conditioners that are simple …

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Split-Ender hair trimmer

Are you a person who prefers cutting their own hair at home? Or perhaps you just dread going to the hairstylist and paying a good amount only to trim your ends? If so, then you should check this product out! What is the Split-Ender hair trimmer? Split-Ender hair trimmer is a …

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How to use a coloured hair spray

Are you bored of your everyday hair colour, but don’t want to change your current tone? There’s something you can try that’s temporary, fun and easy to do – coloured hairsprays. Let’s get to it. What’s a coloured hair spray? A coloured hairspray is a spray for your hair, that …

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Mistakes you make when straightening hair

Who could make mistakes with straightening hair, right? You’d be surprised to know that all of us could very well be guilty with this. Straightening hair is something that every girl should know how to do, but have you perfected your work? We decided to list the most commonly made …

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Choosing professional hair products

What kind of shampoo, conditioner or hairspray do you have at home? Are you one hundred percent happy with the job it does? Perhaps you should try out a professional hair care product instead? We decided to list you the most important reasons why you should exchange your current hair …

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Best hair care routines

Have you ever wondered if the routine you take care of your hair with is actually good for your hair? Now, don’t let yourself feel bad – everyone has different hair care routines, from washing to styling the hair. You just got to find the one that works for you! …

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Not using a conditioner for 7 days

When you’ve used conditioners for years your hair get used to the treatment. They need the extra moisture being locked in with every shower. So what actually happens when you stop using all moisturizing treatments such as masks and conditioners? Let’s find out! Type of hair The type of hair …

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How long should you keep the bleach on your hair?

Whether you’ve bleached your hair or not, I bet you’re curious to what bleach does to natural hair if it’s left on for too long. In this post, this is exactly what our goal was: to find out in first hand what happens when you over-bleach your hair. Getting the natural …

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Using the right amount of hair products

Have you ever wondered about if you’re perhaps using too much of a certain kind of hair product? Or maybe your hair just doesn’t look right once you’ve finished styling them? Don’t worry, we’ve got some of the answers you’ve been looking for: how to use some of the most …

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Caffeine hair mask

If you want to treat hair loss or maybe try adding some more volume to your hair then you can try a caffeine hair mask out, right at home! This mask is very simple to make and use, but it will leave a scent of coffee in your hair. What …

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What is a strand test and why is it important?

If you’ve dyed hair before then you’re probably aware of what’s a strand test. But if you’re new to it then we’ve got answers for the questions you’ve got – what is a strand test and how do you do it? What is a strand test A strand test is …

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What is a caffeine shampoo?

Have you seen any caffeine shampoos being sold at stores and thought about buying one for yourself just for the fun of it? But what is a caffeine shampoo, what does it do and who is it meant for? If you want to find out then keep reading. What is …

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How to repair split ends

Anyone who’s used to styling their hair and occasionally changing their hair color is aware of what fried hair looks like. Having a lot of split ends will make your hair look frizzy, dry and messy. You can use a straightener and flatten them out for a day, but it …

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Should you cut your own hair?

You can ofcourse answer this with just one word based on your own opinion, but before you do that you should consider the other aspects of cutting your own hair. Here we’ll be discussing some of the issues that can be cause by cutting your own hair, and if its …

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how to dye hair with henna

How to dye hair with henna

If dyeing your hair with chemicals is something you’re trying to avoid, then you might want to consider using henna instead. Henna is a natural way to dye your hair, without inflicting any serious damage to your hair. Here we’re going to discuss what is henna, how to use it …

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How to use a toner

How to use a toner?

When you’re looking around for tips how to bleach your hair, I’m sure you’ve seen a toner being mentioned. But what is a toner and how to use it with bleaching? We’ve gathered information about toners to put it in a simple, straight forward way without getting too technical so you …

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Stylish hair colours of 2016

During the 90’s having a colourful shade of hair would make some people think that the person is a rebel who wants to stand out. Having colourful hair at 2016 makes people think you have style, class and elegance. So what are the hair colours that you can wear and …

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