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Chocolate hair masks


What is the substance that most people in the world absolutely love? Chocolate ofcourse! But did you know that instead of eating it, there’s other beneficial ways to use it for your hair? What does the chocolate hair mask offer? When you think of a chocolate mask, you’re most likely …

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Straightening hair before curling it


Have you seen comments online of people making fun about girls who straighten their hair and then curl them? Is it true? If so then why people do that? We’re going to answer that question for you right here. Why straighten your hair before curling it? While it looks a bit odd and senseless, …

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Twist-curling hair with a straightener


As we already explained to you how to curl your hair with a straightener, we thought that we could also try out the other hair curling methods. Have you heard of the twist curls? A twist curl is made when you twist your hair and then apply heat on the twist, …

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How to curl hair without heat


If you want know how to curl your hair without heat then we have a technique that you can try. Curling your hair like this would take approximately about an hour or a bit more but at the same time you’d be saving your hair from heat damage. You can also …

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How to curl your hair with a straightener


While you can curl your hair with a curler, you can also do it with your hair straightener. This will become in handy when you want to curl your hair but don’t have a flat ironer at hand. We’ve put together a short guide on how to curl your hair …

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3 DIY hair masks


Factory made hair masks that you buy from the store can be absolutely amazing, or on some cases not so much. But there’s nothing better than making your very own hair mask at home that brings back the shine to your hair, and also repairs some of the split ends. Here’s 3 hair …

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DIY Harley Quinn Hair


We all love to see a strong female character on our cinema screens, don’t we? The one name on everyone’s lips right now is Harley Quinn, from the Suicide Squad movie, which is being released on the 5th of August, 2016. Just to celebrate the look Margot Robbie wore so well, we’ve …

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Why you shouldn’t buy cheap hair extensions


Have you ever bought hair extensions off bigger online stores and ended up being disappointed, because they matte or get tangled? This is what happens when you fall victim for cheap prices. I admit that it’s more than inviting when you see hair extensions being sold with -70% off the …

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13 Mistakes that you make with your hair

13 mistakes you make with your hair

If you’ve ever dyed, styled or cut your hair, there has probably been a few slip ups that you’re not aware of. Or then it could be something you know is bad for your hair, but you still go ahead and do it. We’ve rounded up the most common mistakes …

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How to make hair grow faster


Are you struggling to grow your hair out or looking for ways to boost the growth speed of your hair? For girls there’s nothing better to make you feel more feminine and beautiful than having long, healthy hair. And needless to say these tips apply to both genders, so boys …

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