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Luxy Hair Vibrant Auburn, 120g, 20”

The quality I’m very pleased with the way these extensions feel, they’re soft and silky, very flowing and have a natural look to them. There was no shedding that I noticed as I unpacked them and styled them, which is one of the most important thing for me and also …

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Luxy Hair extensions Off Black 1B, 160 grams, 20“

The quality I was told about Luxy Hair extensions by one of my colleagues here a few months back, so I thought i might as well give them a try since the price fits my financial range. I was looking for thicker extensions that have 9 or more pieces, because …

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Luxy Hair Chestnut Brown 20″

If you’re considering purchasing the Luxy Hair chestnut brown hair extensions that are 20 inches long, then have a look here first. I purchased them myself and reviewed them for anyone who’s doubting if they should get them or not.  So let’s get started! The quality The Luxy Hair is …

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