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Macadamian healing hair oil


Ever wondered if the Macadamia hair products are worth the buy? We purchased the Macadamian natural hair healing oil and tested it out for a month, just to write to you what it does and if it actually works or not. What is the Macadamia hair oil? The Macadamia hair …

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Split-Ender hair trimmer


Are you a person who prefers cutting their own hair at home? Or perhaps you just dread going to the hairstylist and paying a good amount only to trim your ends? If so, then you should check this product out! What is the Split-Ender hair trimmer? Split-Ender hair trimmer is a …

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How to use a coloured hair spray


Are you bored of your everyday hair colour, but don’t want to change your current tone? There’s something you can try that’s temporary, fun and easy to do – coloured hairsprays. Let’s get to it. What’s a coloured hair spray? A coloured hairspray is a spray for your hair, that …

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Using the right amount of hair products


Have you ever wondered about if you’re perhaps using too much of a certain kind of hair product? Or maybe your hair just doesn’t look right once you’ve finished styling them? Don’t worry, we’ve got some of the answers you’ve been looking for: how to use some of the most …

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Hair curling iron


For creating curls in your hair there’s thousands of different hair curling wands out on the market that you can choose from. But what kind of hair curling iron should you go for, since all of the wands focus on specific kinds of curls? We’re answering that question in this post, …

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Best hair care for natural curly hair


When you’ve decided to go natural then there’s a few changes that you can make in order to improve your hair care. Some hair products contain ingredients that are not suitable for natural hair. Here we’ve listed some of the best natural hair care products that contain all natural ingredients. …

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DAFNI Hair Brush for straightening hair


This is one of the most popular products in social media right now – the DAFNI hair brush that works with electricity. We’ve gathered some information to explain to you what is the DAFNI hair brush, what does it do and also how much does it cost. What is the …

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The benefits of a bristle brush


A bristle brush has been in use for a long time – since the 18th century. Ever since then it’s been used for styling hair and brushing it, without causing any damage. The benefits of a bristle brush are wide – here we’re going to explain some of them to …

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Loop brush for hair extensions


As the name says, it’s a brush that has loops as teeth on it. But does a looped brush and hair extensions go together? – Certainly!We’ve answered a few most commonly asked questions in regards of loop brushes. Loop brush for hair extensions A loop brush is a relatively new type of …

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