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Hair extensions

Micro loop / micro bead / micro ring hair extensions

Micro loop hair extensions are little strands of hair, that are attached to the hair with little metallic loops – therefore the name. They’re called micro beads, micro loops and micro rings, yet they all mean the same thing. Micro loop extensions were the first hair extensions that I tried on myself, and …

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Sewing-in and weave hair extensions

Weave hair extensions are brilliant for curly hair, or if you’re looking for a realistic wig that won’t look like a wig – nor can you remove it. It’s mainly recommended for hair that require more help with attaching the hair extensions. To attach them, the hairstylist would braid your …

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Keratin and pre bonded hair extensions

Keratin and pre bonded hair extensions have many names – glue in, pre bonded, hot fusion.. That is because every extension is a strand, attached to a piece of special glue. How to attach Keratin hair extensions To attach them, it’s recommended to have someone else do it for you, …

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