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Hair extensions

The pros and cons of clip in hair extensions


A lot of people are limited on which hair styles to try on because they have thin or short hair. There are many hair oils, treatments and supplements you can try, but it will take time for the hair to grow. If you are looking for an easier and fast …

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Dyeing Ombre hair extensions


If you’re looking to have your hair dyed in the Ombre style, and also looking for ideas for which style to pick then you’re at the right place. It’s hard to choose which ombre style you like more color wise, how high do you want your ombre to start and if you should maybe use …

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Tips for getting curly hair extensions


If you’re thinking about getting curly hair extensions, this is a great way to change up your look and achieve more versatility with your style. These extensions are ideal if your hair is naturally straight or thin. The curly hair extensions will immediately make your hair look thicker and can …

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Tape hair extensions: what you need to know


If you’re interested in changing up your look, you may have considered tape hair extensions which can help to make your hair appear fuller and healthier. Of course it’s best to find out all you can about this hair treatment so that you can care for the extensions, and your natural …

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Human Hair Extensions


For a girl who loves long hair extensions, there are always two options to choose from. Whether you want synthetic hair or real hair? Tough decision? Probably yes, as both have an increasing market demand and they also have their pros and cons. So, which should you choose? Synthetic Hair …

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Transform your appearance with human clip in hair extensions


Clip in hair extensions There are many hair styles that one can use to enhance their looks. The choice of hair product depends on one’s personal preferences. If you are looking to add some color, length and volume to your hair, using clip in extensions is an inspired decision. These …

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Where do hair extensions come from?


While you love having longer hair with the help of hair extensions, have you ever thought about where the hair came from? We’ve listed the most common hair extension hair in the world and done some background search about where they came from and how. Indian hair extensions Indian hair is …

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What are REMY hair extensions?


I’m sure you’ve heard the word “remy” being mentioned when you’ve been buying hair extensions, but what does “remy” mean? We’ve put together some information to explain to you what is REMY and why is it important for hair extensions. What is remy hair? The word REMY refers to the method …

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Tape hair extensions


Tape hair extensions are one of the most preferred hair extension types out there. They’re easy to attach – even by yourself. Usually they’re about 2 inches (5 cm) sections of hair, and you apply one of them on top of a selected section, lift it up and apply one under …

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Clip in hair extensions


Clip in hair extensions are probably the most popular and least committing hair extensions out there. Their price is relatively cheap, taking in consideration that they’re usually decent quality. You clip them into your hair, style them, then go out and do what you need to do. Later during the …

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