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Hair extensions

Dread hair extensions


Dread hair extensions can be both human and synthetic, which ones you want to wear depends on how your want your hair to look. We’d recommend synthetic extensions if you want to look more colorful and use vibrant colours. Human dread hair extensions would be better for having a natural …

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One piece volumizer hair extensions


When you’re looking around in online shops you’ve probably come across one piece hair extension sets. They’re made by sewing several wefts together, with the same idea as the flip in hair extensions but with clips. They’re generally called “volumizing” hair pieces, as it’s designed to give more volume to the …

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Keratin hair extensions


When you want to get hair extensions that stay in your hair for a while, and you’re also looking for the least damaging extensions, then you should consider getting keratin bond hair extensions. But what are keratin hair extensions? Is it the same as hot fusion hair extensions, and most …

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Can hair extensions become addictive?


Within the last few years hair extensions have become an everyday thing among women of all ages. While some of us limit our choices down to clip in hair extensions, then the rest of us try out semi-permanent hair extensions as well. Clip in hair extensions As silly as it …

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How to cut your own hair extensions


When you’re getting new hair extensions that you have to apply on your own such as clip in hair extensions then there might be a few issues with blending the hair extensions into your own hair. One way to fix this is to cut your own hair extensions with the …

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Flip in hair extensions – are they worth it?


When you’ve worn hair extensions for a while, you should be very well aware of the strain they can put on your hair in long term. Hair falling out, tangling, matting – that’s just a small fraction of damage that hair extensions can afflict to your own hair. Semi-permanent hair …

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What is Kanekalon hair?


If you want to have longer hair but don’t have a budget that can afford you high quality hair extensions then Kanekalon hair might be the answer that you’re looking for. Kanekalon hair are synthetic hair, which look, feel and can be styled like natural hair, while at the same …

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Ponytail hair extensions


While getting yourself a lovely set of clip in hair extensions might be a bit costly, then trying out a new look with ponytail hair extensions is less expensive. You can give yourself a makeover within seconds, and create the famous Ariana Grande hairstyle – a high ponytail with loose …

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Hair extensions colour chart


We’ve listed the most commonly used hair tones and their tone numbers, with some images to make it easier for you to see if the tones are right for you. We all know how important it is to make sure that the tone of our hair extensions matches our own …

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Micro link hair extensions pros and cons


With so many different types of hair extensions in the market, it’s easy to get confused over what hair extensions are the best types available out there. As we have written about many different types of hair extensions already, here we will cover the bits that you might want to …

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