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How to perm hair


Are you planning to get a perm, or just interested about how to perm hair? Perming hair is a permanent wave or curl to your hair, achieved trough a chemical treatment. The perming comes in two parts: your hair would be wrapped into a shape around a rod, followed by a …

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Losing hair


As someone who lost a significant amount of hair at the age of 23 (and female), I’ve felt a lot of depression about the whole thing. The photo above is my own scalp during summer 2015. My thinning of hair came from the heavy medication I was put on, and …

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What is OMBRE hair


What is OMBRE hair? It’s a coloring effect for your hair, which leaves the bottom part of the hair lighter colored and top half darker. To do this, you could turn to your hair stylist, or purchase a special ”ombre” hair dye box from the local mall (or the internet). …

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The benefits of a bristle brush


A bristle brush has been in use for a long time – since the 18th century. Ever since then it’s been used for styling hair and brushing it, without causing any damage. The benefits of a bristle brush are wide – here we’re going to explain some of them to …

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Loop brush for hair extensions


As the name says, it’s a brush that has loops as teeth on it. But does a looped brush and hair extensions go together? – Certainly!We’ve answered a few most commonly asked questions in regards of loop brushes. Loop brush for hair extensions A loop brush is a relatively new type of …

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