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Olaplex hair treatment


I’m sure quite a few of us are desiring beautiful blonde hair, but refuse to go anywhere near bleach because of a traumatic experience, or maybe then the horror stories that surround bleaching. Well there’s something new that you can discover right here – The Olaplex treatment! You can use …

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How to grow hair back after hair loss


There’s thousands of people out there looking for what causes hair loss for them, and how to treat this issue. Having your hair thinning out, or losing them can completely break your confidence and drag your down. This is why we’ve listed a few things to explain hair loss for …

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How to put on a wig


There’s nothing more fun than put on a wig and looking different for a day, whether you’re putting on a wig yourself or looking up how to put a wig on kids for Halloween. But if the wig isn’t attached the right way, then the overall look your giving will not …

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How to detangle and repair synthetic hair


If you’ve got an old synthetic hair wig, and it’s a pure mess, then don’t throw it out just yet. It might surprise you, but you can actually revive the hair and wear it again. How to repair a synthetic wig To wash the wig, here’s what you need: A …

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How to dye your hair rainbow colours


Whether you wish to dye your hair rainbow colours or maybe just a soft pastel tone, it can become quite a handful to achieve. If your hair are naturally coloured darker, then you have even more work cut out for you, since you most likely have to bleach your hair beforehand …

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How to dye your hair with chalk


Dyeing your hair with chalk is so much fun, because you can literally dye your hair in the whole rainbow spectre, and wash it out the same evening. The chalk dye usually lasts for about 1 day in your hair, after which you can wash it out with an ease. …

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Should you get hair relaxed ?


If you’re considering relaxing your hair, there are lots of things to keep in mind. A hair relaxer is meant to relax the natural curl in your hair, which can make it easier to manage and give you more styling options. Relaxed hair can be a flattering look on anyone, …

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Bleaching hair and hair extensions


Bleaching hair and hair extensions is everything but easy, especially when you’ve got dark hair and decide to dye them blonde, the first option that you probably think of is bleaching. What some people don’t know is that bleaching is a little bit like playing with fire – you could get …

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Best Hair Extensions Care Tips


A lot of women wonder how or where they can get the best hair extensions care information. If you’re one of them, you’ve come to the right place, so look no further and wonder no more. With the right care, your hair extensions will stay shiny and smooth much longer than they’re …

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Coconut oil for hair


Coconut oil is famous for the effect that it has on hair, but do you know the full extent of what benefits it offers? We’ve gathered information and a bit of personal experience, then listed them here to satisfy your curiosity. How to use coconut oil for hair? Needless to say there’s an …

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