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How to dye hair with henna

how to dye hair with henna

If dyeing your hair with chemicals is something you’re trying to avoid, then you might want to consider using henna instead. Henna is a natural way to dye your hair, without inflicting any serious damage to your hair. Here we’re going to discuss what is henna, how to use it …

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How to use a toner?

How to use a toner

When you’re looking around for tips how to bleach your hair, I’m sure you’ve seen a toner being mentioned. But what is a toner and how to use it with bleaching? We’ve gathered information about toners to put it in a simple, straight forward way without getting too technical so you …

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Stylish hair colours of 2016


During the 90’s having a colourful shade of hair would make some people think that the person is a rebel who wants to stand out. Having colourful hair at 2016 makes people think you have style, class and elegance. So what are the hair colours that you can wear and …

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How to dye hair pastel red with Kool Aid


To dye your hair a lovely pastel red shade, you could try out Kool Aid. The cherry Kool Aid has strong pigment that will stain the hair and make the shade last for about a week or two. So why not give it a go? For best results you should …

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How to make thin hair look thicker


Not all of us have thicker hair yet desperately wish to have them. You can always wear hair extensions, but it’s not the best way to make your hair appear thicker. On some cases wearing hair extensions with thin hair can cause even more thinning out which is clearly the …

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How to go natural with your hair


When you’ve got a very strong curl to your hair that you’ve had texturized or relaxed a couple of times then you might consider going natural. Here we’re going to explain what is “going natural”, why you should do it and how to make the process faster for you, without …

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Everything you need to know about dyeing your hair


Changing your looks is only natural in the modern society of today, but there are quite a few darker areas out there about hair dyeing. We’ve put together a few of the most frequently asked questions about dyeing your hair (and bleaching them), and answered them for you. You can …

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Olaplex hair treatment


I’m sure quite a few of us are desiring beautiful blonde hair, but refuse to go anywhere near bleach because of a traumatic experience, or maybe then the horror stories that surround bleaching. Well there’s something new that you can discover right here – The Olaplex treatment! You can use …

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How to grow hair back after hair loss


There’s thousands of people out there looking for what causes hair loss for them, and how to treat this issue. Having your hair thinning out, or losing them can completely break your confidence and drag your down. This is why we’ve listed a few things to explain hair loss for …

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How to put on a wig


There’s nothing more fun than put on a wig and looking different for a day, whether you’re putting on a wig yourself or looking up how to put a wig on kids for Halloween. But if the wig isn’t attached the right way, then the overall look your giving will not …

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