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Hair extensions colour chart


We’ve listed the most commonly used hair tones and their tone numbers, with some images to make it easier for you to see if the tones are right for you. We all know how important it is to make sure that the tone of our hair extensions matches our own …

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How to dip dye hair with Kool Aid


If you want a temporary new look to your hair, or maybe try out a new color then you might as well take on the good old Kool Aid! It’s generally better for hair that are already light color, but can also be tried on darker tones to give them …

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Luxy Hair Vibrant Auburn, 120g, 20”


The quality I’m very pleased with the way these extensions feel, they’re soft and silky, very flowing and have a natural look to them. There was no shedding that I noticed as I unpacked them and styled them, which is one of the most important thing for me and also …

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Luxy Hair extensions Off Black 1B, 160 grams, 20“


The quality I was told about Luxy Hair extensions by one of my colleagues here a few months back, so I thought i might as well give them a try since the price fits my financial range. I was looking for thicker extensions that have 9 or more pieces, because …

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Should you get hair relaxed ?


If you’re considering relaxing your hair, there are lots of things to keep in mind. A hair relaxer is meant to relax the natural curl in your hair, which can make it easier to manage and give you more styling options. Relaxed hair can be a flattering look on anyone, …

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Why you shouldn’t buy cheap hair extensions


Have you ever bought hair extensions off bigger online stores and ended up being disappointed, because they matte or get tangled? This is what happens when you fall victim for cheap prices. I admit that it’s more than inviting when you see hair extensions being sold with -70% off the …

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Micro link hair extensions pros and cons


With so many different types of hair extensions in the market, it’s easy to get confused over what hair extensions are the best types available out there. As we have written about many different types of hair extensions already, here we will cover the bits that you might want to …

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Zala Hair Extensions


If there’s something to get excited about then it’s Zala Hair extensions! We’ve purchased some hair extensions from Zala Hair, and reviewed them for you right here. You can read the Zala hair extension reviews and leave us comments if you have any questions that we can help you with. What …

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Zala hair extensions Dirty Blonde 100g, 18″


To give you a bit of a back story, these were my first Zala hair extensions that I ever bought. Delivery time wise it took a bit over 2 weeks to arrive to the US, which is very good if you take in consideration that they were shipped from Australia. …

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The pros and cons of clip in hair extensions


A lot of people are limited on which hair styles to try on because they have thin or short hair. There are many hair oils, treatments and supplements you can try, but it will take time for the hair to grow. If you are looking for an easier and fast …

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