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Bellami hair Bambina, Dark brown, 160 g 20 in


Delivery of Bambina dark brown I placed an order for these Bambina extensions in the middle of March, 2016 and they arrived so fast! It was literally under a week and I was holding them physically in my hands. Quality of Bambina dark brown Since my hair are rather coarse …

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Straightening hair before curling it


Have you seen comments online of people making fun about girls who straighten their hair and then curl them? Is it true? If so then why people do that? We’re going to answer that question for you right here. Why straighten your hair before curling it? While it looks a bit odd and senseless, …

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Kanekalon braiding hair, black to silver, 24 in


Delivery of the Kanekalon braiding hair I placed the order on the 2nd of march, 2016 and this Kanekalon braiding hair bundle was delivered to my doorstep on the 23rd of march, 2016. I did order it off Ebay and it was shipped from China, so a 20-day delivery is …

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Kanekalon braiding hair, black to pink, 24 in


Name: Kanekalon hair Length: 24 in Weight: 103 g Color: Black to bright pink Delivery of the Kanekalon hair I placed an order for these Kanekalon hair extensions on the 2nd of march, 2016. They were delivered to me 15 days later, packed in a tiny box that made me …

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What is a caffeine shampoo?


Have you seen any caffeine shampoos being sold at stores and thought about buying one for yourself just for the fun of it? But what is a caffeine shampoo, what does it do and who is it meant for? If you want to find out then keep reading. What is …

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How to lift your hair without hair extensions


Everyone loves to give their hair a boost and make it appear voluminous and thick. One thing you can do is wear hair extensions, but what if you don’t have any extensions laying around the house, or that you want to take a small break from using extensions? There are …

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How to repair split ends


Anyone who’s used to styling their hair and occasionally changing their hair color is aware of what fried hair looks like. Having a lot of split ends will make your hair look frizzy, dry and messy. You can use a straightener and flatten them out for a day, but it …

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Fried hair extensions


I’m sure you’ve heard the expression „fried hair extensions“, but what exactly does it mean? How do you even fry your hair extensions? Let’s find out! How do you fry hair extensions? Hair extensions tend to become fried when they’re exposed to damaging routines. The hair looks „fried“ when they’re …

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Foxy Locks Caramel Deluxe, 165g, 20 inches


Name: Caramel Deluxe Weight: 165 g Length: 20 inches Colour: Light brown, ash brown – Caramel Wefts: 10 wefts Delivery of Foxy Locks Caramel So far ordering extensions from Foxy Locks has been very satisfying, as the package comes normally within a week. They posted it the day after I …

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Hair extensions and weather damage

Hair extensions and weather damage

Have you gone out when its windy and raining, while wearing hair extensions? That’s the worst kind of treatment you can give your extensions, because the wind and rain will suck the shine and softness of the hair right out of them. So what can you do, even if you …

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