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Can you bleach synthetic hair


When you’re not exactly new to hair, then you know that you can’t really bleach synthetic hair lighter. But what happens if you try anyway? Let’s try it out and see what happens! What I used for bleaching A bowl to mix the dye in (if it doesn’tcome in a special …

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Not using a conditioner for 7 days


When you’ve used conditioners for years your hair get used to the treatment. They need the extra moisture being locked in with every shower. So what actually happens when you stop using all moisturizing treatments such as masks and conditioners? Let’s find out! Type of hair The type of hair …

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How long should you keep the bleach on your hair?


Whether you’ve bleached your hair or not, I bet you’re curious to what bleach does to natural hair if it’s left on for too long. In this post, this is exactly what our goal was: to find out in first hand what happens when you over-bleach your hair. Getting the natural …

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Using the right amount of hair products


Have you ever wondered about if you’re perhaps using too much of a certain kind of hair product? Or maybe your hair just doesn’t look right once you’ve finished styling them? Don’t worry, we’ve got some of the answers you’ve been looking for: how to use some of the most …

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Caffeine hair mask


If you want to treat hair loss or maybe try adding some more volume to your hair then you can try a caffeine hair mask out, right at home! This mask is very simple to make and use, but it will leave a scent of coffee in your hair. What …

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What is a strand test and why is it important?


If you’ve dyed hair before then you’re probably aware of what’s a strand test. But if you’re new to it then we’ve got answers for the questions you’ve got – what is a strand test and how do you do it? What is a strand test A strand test is …

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How to make double wefted clip in hair extensions


Have you bought hair extensions that are ridiculously thin, or maybe looking to make yourself clip in hair extensions for less money? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Check out our guide of how to make clip in hair extensions – double wefted! What you need for hair extensions There’s …

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Where should you have your hair extensions done


When you’re looking to get yourself some micro loop extensions or perhaps keratin or tape hair extensions, then it’s always the best to do your research about them beforehand. But is it a smart idea to buy them yourself or have them installed at the salon? Or maybe both? Let’s …

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Chocolate hair masks


What is the substance that most people in the world absolutely love? Chocolate ofcourse! But did you know that instead of eating it, there’s other beneficial ways to use it for your hair? What does the chocolate hair mask offer? When you think of a chocolate mask, you’re most likely …

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How to stop picking on hair extensions


Have you gotten semi permanent hair extensions such as keratin bond ones, and find yourself picking on the bonds? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. It’s normal to pick on the bonds of the extensions when they’re put in for the first time as it takes time to get used to. …

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