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Best tips and products for winter hair care


Not all of us live in a place that has warm weather all year around, right? That’s why we’ve decided to go over the best shampoos you should use to keep your hair healthy, strong and soft all troughout the colder seasons. Best shampoo for winter With extremely cold weather …

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Macadamian healing hair oil


Ever wondered if the Macadamia hair products are worth the buy? We purchased the Macadamian natural hair healing oil and tested it out for a month, just to write to you what it does and if it actually works or not. What is the Macadamia hair oil? The Macadamia hair …

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How to cure an itchy scalp


Have you gotten an itchy scalp a few days after you wash hair? It’s actually a very common thing to happen, although the amount of itching can vary from light to severe. What causes an itchy scalp? The causes behind this could be several reasons, from dryness of the scalp …

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How to find the right shampoo for your hair


Have you ever found yourself complaining about the condition of your hair? That they’re dry,  the ends are split or perhaps they get greasy too fast? Surprisingly your shampoo could be to blame for this. So how to avoid these things? Shampoo for dry hair Does your hair feel dry …

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Home made hair conditioners


Ever ran out of conditioner all of a sudden, and then wondered if there’s anything in your household to just temporarily replace a conditioner until you get a new one? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Here we’ll be looking trough a few good home-made hair conditioners that are simple …

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Split-Ender hair trimmer


Are you a person who prefers cutting their own hair at home? Or perhaps you just dread going to the hairstylist and paying a good amount only to trim your ends? If so, then you should check this product out! What is the Split-Ender hair trimmer? Split-Ender hair trimmer is a …

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How to use a coloured hair spray


Are you bored of your everyday hair colour, but don’t want to change your current tone? There’s something you can try that’s temporary, fun and easy to do – coloured hairsprays. Let’s get to it. What’s a coloured hair spray? A coloured hairspray is a spray for your hair, that …

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Mistakes you make when straightening hair


Who could make mistakes with straightening hair, right? You’d be surprised to know that all of us could very well be guilty with this. Straightening hair is something that every girl should know how to do, but have you perfected your work? We decided to list the most commonly made …

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Choosing professional hair products


What kind of shampoo, conditioner or hairspray do you have at home? Are you one hundred percent happy with the job it does? Perhaps you should try out a professional hair care product instead? We decided to list you the most important reasons why you should exchange your current hair …

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Best hair care routines


Have you ever wondered if the routine you take care of your hair with is actually good for your hair? Now, don’t let yourself feel bad – everyone has different hair care routines, from washing to styling the hair. You just got to find the one that works for you! …

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