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Where do hair extensions come from?


While you love having longer hair with the help of hair extensions, have you ever thought about where the hair came from? We’ve listed the most common hair extension hair in the world and done some background search about where they came from and how. Indian hair extensions Indian hair is …

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What are REMY hair extensions?


I’m sure you’ve heard the word “remy” being mentioned when you’ve been buying hair extensions, but what does “remy” mean? We’ve put together some information to explain to you what is REMY and why is it important for hair extensions. What is remy hair? The word REMY refers to the method …

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The benefits of a bristle brush


A bristle brush has been in use for a long time – since the 18th century. Ever since then it’s been used for styling hair and brushing it, without causing any damage. The benefits of a bristle brush are wide – here we’re going to explain some of them to …

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Loop brush for hair extensions


As the name says, it’s a brush that has loops as teeth on it. But does a looped brush and hair extensions go together? – Certainly!We’ve answered a few most commonly asked questions in regards of loop brushes. Loop brush for hair extensions A loop brush is a relatively new type of …

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Tape hair extensions


Tape hair extensions are one of the most preferred hair extension types out there. They’re easy to attach – even by yourself. Usually they’re about 2 inches (5 cm) sections of hair, and you apply one of them on top of a selected section, lift it up and apply one under …

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Clip in hair extensions


Clip in hair extensions are probably the most popular and least committing hair extensions out there. Their price is relatively cheap, taking in consideration that they’re usually decent quality. You clip them into your hair, style them, then go out and do what you need to do. Later during the …

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Micro loop / micro bead / micro ring hair extensions


Micro loop hair extensions are little strands of hair, that are attached to the hair with little metallic loops – therefore the name. They’re called micro beads, micro loops and micro rings, yet they all mean the same thing. Micro loop extensions were the first hair extensions that I tried on myself, and …

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Sewing-in and weave hair extensions


Weave hair extensions are brilliant for curly hair, or if you’re looking for a realistic wig that won’t look like a wig – nor can you remove it. It’s mainly recommended for hair that require more help with attaching the hair extensions. To attach them, the hairstylist would braid your …

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Keratin and pre bonded hair extensions


Keratin and pre bonded hair extensions have many names – glue in, pre bonded, hot fusion.. That is because every extension is a strand, attached to a piece of special glue. How to attach Keratin hair extensions To attach them, it’s recommended to have someone else do it for you, …

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