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Bellami Hair Bambina 160g 20″ Ash Brown


To tell you the truth, i bought these Bambina hair extensions about 8 months ago, and I really think this is a good time to write a review about them, to show how well have they aged and add my own opinion and experience into this. The quality When I …

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Luxy Hair Chestnut Brown 20″


If you’re considering purchasing the Luxy Hair chestnut brown hair extensions that are 20 inches long, then have a look here first. I purchased them myself and reviewed them for anyone who’s doubting if they should get them or not.  So let’s get started! The quality The Luxy Hair is …

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Bellami clip in hair extensions Ombre, 160g, 20”


The unboxing The Bellami clip in hair extensions come in a lovely pink box which contains a hanger for the hair (it’s like a clip) and a special carrier for the extensions, not to mention the 10 wefts. The Bellami hair extensions were packed in a little plastic bag which …

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Foxy Locks Latte Blonde hair extensions, 125G, 18″


Needless to say Foxy Locks offers one of the best financially suitable hair extensions out there, and of course I decided to purchase them! The product that we have got is the Foxy Locks Latte Blonde hair extensions, so let’s get started! Quality of the hair The quality of the hair is the most …

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Foxy Locks Hair Extension Reviews


Foxy Locks hair extensions are one of the best clip in extensions out there, they come with a reasonable price and give you satisfying results when attached onto your hair. Here’s our Foxy Locks hair extension reviews. What is Foxy Locks? It was Imogen Holly Crow who started a hair extension …

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Bellami Hair Extension Reviews


If you want to read about Bellami Hair extension reviews, then you’re at the right place. Our goal is to purchase Bellami hair extensions, evaluate them and post the reviews right here for you to read. We refresh our collection as frequently as possible, adding new reviews and hair extensions …

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Luxy Hair Extension Reviews


Luxy Hair extensions reviews Here you can read Luxy hair extension reviews. We’re buying them in different tones, lengths and thickness, to try them out and tell you what we found. The most common things we test are shedding, tone match, thickness of the hair, and how well you can …

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Dyeing Ombre hair extensions


If you’re looking to have your hair dyed in the Ombre style, and also looking for ideas for which style to pick then you’re at the right place. It’s hard to choose which ombre style you like more color wise, how high do you want your ombre to start and if you should maybe use …

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Bleaching hair and hair extensions


Bleaching hair and hair extensions is everything but easy, especially when you’ve got dark hair and decide to dye them blonde, the first option that you probably think of is bleaching. What some people don’t know is that bleaching is a little bit like playing with fire – you could get …

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