HairBun - The secret for beautiful hair

Welcome to HairBun, where a group of girls came together to work for one purpose - hair. The Hair Bun staff focuses on how to make natural hair healthier, products that you can use on your hair, hair extensions, and much more other hair related topics.

What does Hair-Bun do?

There's a couple of tasks that the Hair-Bun staff fulfils since quite a few of us work here. While all of us take the "hair" topic as a fun hobby, we also treat is as a serious work matter.

Everything that we produce and put out on our page has been created in a professional manner.

Hair extension reviews

Hair Bun staff purchases hair extensions, wigs, hair pieces and other hair products in order to evaluate them and write a review about them. You can find our hair extension reviews on the top of the page.

We rate the shedding of the hair, colour match, quality of the hair, shipping process and also how good or bad the hair extensions are with styling.

You're also free to request any hair extension reviews by emailing us. It might take some time to order the hair in, but we'd be glad to help you out with the decision of if you should buy the hair extensions or not. You can contact us trough out contact page.

Hair care ideas

Hair Bun also focuses on providing information about how you can care better for your hair. When you have damaged, dry hair - check out our hair care section, you might find something that's useful for you.

We also cover some of the darker ideas that you might not know well, explaining the topic without getting too technical about it.

Tips for best hair care

Under this section you will find articles that are fun to read, interesting and practical when put in use. We also post a few DIY posts every now and then, about new looks that you can try out for fun.

Synthetic hair extensions and wigs

You might not believe it but a lot of people prefer synthetic hair and wigs to human hair extensions. The main cause of this is the price difference as synthetic hair are less expensive than real human hair.

Due to this we've gathered some information and put together guides for how to care for synthetic hair, even when the hair looks damaged beyond repair.

When you think of synthetic hair don't imagine the old, too shiny hair that has not a single quality to make it look even a bit like human hair. When you want to get yourself real-looking synthetic hair, you should consider purchasing Kanekalon hair. Kanekalon hair are the best synthetic hair on the market, they look and feel like human hair do, not to mention the low price.

You can read more about Kanekalon hair here on HairBun.

You're welcome to suggest us a topic that you wish to get more information about, just e-mail us trough our contact page.

With love, the HairBun staff.